Nobody pampers their pets like the Japanese do, and there's no spa treatment more pampering than an “Animal Ayurveda” full-body aloe & herb mud pack.

A street advertisement hyping the practice posted at TokyoMango last weekend is typical of the intensive care offered to dogs who are feeling dry and drained by one of the coldest winters in memory.

At least we think they're feeling that way – the pooches aren't talking but the spa owners sure are! The treatments are promoted as being necessary to moisturize the skin, revitalize the coat, and prevent formation of hairballs.

Introduced last June and warmly received with many repeat appointments made according to one spa, North Village PICK UP!, the treatment involves massaging an “organic herb pack” containing aloe extract into the dog's fur.

The next step is a warm water rinse and finally a relaxing bubble bath. No word if pet-owners can splurge on the same treatment for themselves but hey, wouldn't you?

Last but not least, the moisturizing herb pack is non-toxic and completely harmless if licked and ingested. No prices are mentioned at the North Village PICK UP! website, which is never a good sign for the budget-conscious, but if you love your dog enough to consider this sort of luxurious spa treatment than no expense is too much, amiright?


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