Those of us who were lucky enough to have had the fun of getting to hang
out on a tire swing during some lazy days of summer know how much fun
such a simple thing can be. Now you can relive those days in your heart
when you set up one of these clever Swing Time Bird Feeders in your

Swing Time Bird FeederSwing Time Bird Feeder

The tiny tire holds about a half a cup of bird seed for you to share with your feathered friends. Naturally, where there is bird seed the squirrels won't be far behind. The image of a squirrel swinging around on a tire swing has got to be hilarious. Time for some great photos to upload online.

Swing Time Bird FeederSwing Time Bird Feeder

The tire is ceramic and has two tiny drain holes to help keep things dry during stormy weather. It will bring you hours of bird watching pleasure.

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