If you're going on vacation, it's important to choose a reliable in home pet boarding host. Someone who you can trust your pet with the entire time you're gone. Here are some tips to help choose the perfect in home pet host.

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Know Your Pet

It's important to recognize your pet's habits and preferences to find him a good temporary home. By knowing what your pet likes and dislikes, it's possible to search based on his needs. It's also a good idea to fill the hosts in on your pet's quirks and habits.

If you have a dog and he's social, pick a host who already owns dogs. If your pet is high maintenance and needs plenty of attention, it may be best to choose a home with no children or pets. If your pet is active, he needs an active host, and so on.

Most pets live according to a routine, so it's best to choose a host who can bend to the routine your pet is already used to. For this reason, it's important to communicate your pet's routine with the potential host, and only choose a host who is flexible. 

Research The In Home Pet Boarding Host Carefully

Most necessary research to find the perfect in home pet boarding host can be done online. There's the option of going through a company which offers in home pet services through different hosts, or private in home boarding businesses.

If you choose to go through a company, be sure to browse host profiles and photo's, providing that the company offers them. Most in home pet boarding companies will allow hosts to fill out profiles and provide information regarding their home environment. Be sure to research each company and host carefully to find something that works for your pet.

Get Recommendations

If you're not sure where to start, it can be a good idea to ask for recommendations. A local vet might have some ideas of good in home pet sitting businesses to get you started.

Ask Questions

When it's time to get in contact with potential hosts, it's important to ask questions about how they're going to care for the animal. Some good questions might include:

  • Comfortable: Image by David~O, FlickrComfortable: Image by David~O, FlickrAre there any other pets or children? If so, what kind of pets/how are the children around animals?
  • Is there a fenced yard?
  • Can you offer constant supervision?
  • Do you have insurance, license and/or permit?
  • What experience do you have with animals?
  • Etc.

Also be sure to ask questions related to your pet. Such as if the host is willing to prepare meals for the animal, or if the owner can cater to any allergies or illness he has.

Schedule A Meet and Greet

So you've looked online, spoken on the phone with the potential hosts, and you're ready to go on vacation. It may seem like the work is over, but there's still one more vital step before it's time to leave your pet in the hands of these new hosts. The meet and greet.

During the meet and greet, your pet and the host will have the opportunity to meet each other. Also, you can weigh how well your pet responds to his new surroundings. Examine the backyard, ask where your pet is going to sleep, and make sure the home is a suitable place for him.

With these tips, you should be able to find a decent in home pet boarding host for your animal. Be sure to get to know the potential hosts, and make sure they're flexible with your pet's needs to avoid any potential mishaps.

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