They call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. For cat lovers it just got
a little more enchanting. That is because there is a "library" in Las
Cruces that has no books -- just cats. This is taking place at the Doña
Ana County office building where county officials installed a kitty
condo a few years ago. It is supplied by the local shelter and the idea
is to increase cat adoptions. Employees in the building can check out a
kitten for an hour or so of cat time while on the job.

Kitten with County Employee (YouTube Image)Kitten with County Employee (YouTube Image)

While the big cage in the lobby is officially called the Kitty Kondo, employees have started calling it "the library." The receptionist, Becky Garcia, also gets the added duty of being the kitten librarian. She jokingly refers to herself as the "Madam of the Cat House." She keeps track of who has which kitten on a sign out sheet and makes sure that the library is well-stocked.

 Garcia Checking Out a Kitten (YouTube Image)Garcia Checking Out a Kitten (YouTube Image)

In addition to employees being able to take a kitten back to their office for some quality cat time, there is also a chair in the cage so that someone can use their break time to just go and sit with the kittens in residence.

 The Kitty Kondo (YouTube Image)The Kitty Kondo (YouTube Image)

While productivity goes way down when a kitten is visiting, employee job satisfaction goes way up -- and happy employees are productive employees.

Kitten with County Employee (YouTube Image)Kitten with County Employee (YouTube Image)

This outside-the-cage thinking has been a success. The program has led to the adoption of more than 100 kittens. It appears to be the purr-fect program for helping get the local shelter cats into a fur-ever home. It has also made county purr-sonnel much more content with their jobs.

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