Tiger Sneaks Into Couple's Wedding Photo

When Tim and Karma Madgwick of Devon in England decided that they would hold their wedding reception at the zoo they knew it was a bold choice and that things could get a bit "wild." They hadn't planned on the unexpected guest that suddenly turned up to be included in the formal photos -- Banda, a Sumatran tiger.Tim and Karma Pose for their Amazing Wedding PhotoTim and Karma Pose for their Amazing Wedding Photo

This is no Photoshop job either. The couple was taking a stroll around the zoo grounds when the photographer, Vicki Boulter, positioned them for a lovely photo at one of the viewing platforms. They were standing at the window with the zoo park glowing lush and green in the background.

As they prepared for the photo the bride shook out her dress so that it would be just right for the photo. The noise caught the attention of the tiger that was lounging nearby. As Boulter was taking the shot, Banda wandered over to check out what the humans were up to behind the wall of glass.

Boulter was able to capture the shot of the lifetime and the Madgwicks now have the wedding photo like no one else's.  After the photo the couple turned their attention to the wedding crasher. Being a cat, regardless of size, Banda immediately lost interest and wandered off.

Source: Mail Online

Laurie Kay Olson
Animal News Blogger

Jul 6, 2013
by Anonymous
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That is so cool, especially

That is so cool, especially since the glass wall is not at all evident in the picture

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