I get Monday blues regularly. There's always something about heading back to work after spending an entire weekend with my friends, family, and beloved pets. So what I like to do instead is bring a little something with me to work that reminds me of home.


Now my boss is pretty particular with the kind of stuff we bring to work, so obviously a stuffed cat (even if it is a speaker, like the Dancing Cat Speaker) isn't acceptable. What's okay to bring though, are these Cat Staplers. In fact, I have one of these beside the Cat Tape Dispenser on my desk.


Aside from the fact that they look way better than the average stapler, I'm sure you'll be impressed with the level of detail you'll be able to observe on these hand-painted cats.

They're available in several species namely a Tabby and a Siamese from Neatoshop for $13.95. So tell me, which Cat Stapler makes your heart purr?