If there are two things that most girls of any age love, they are
unicorns and shoes. The other girls are probably into demons and shoes.
Etsy artisan Oonacat has brought these two loves together in these
Demon Hooves (You Tube Image)Demon Hooves (You Tube Image)amazing boots that will give you your very own unicorn or demon hooves.
The boots are flirty, fun, and drop-dead sexy, and the perfect footwear
for that special costume or extreme  night on the town.

The high-quality, durable, heelless boots are custom designed just for you so that you can truly channel your inner unicorn. This way you can get your proper shoe size, the color and detail that you are seeking. Oonacat combines artistry and function into her "kick-ass" designs. You can also get that special unicorn horn from her as well.

Unicorn Boots (Photo by Oonacat (c)2013)Unicorn Boots (Photo by Oonacat (c)2013)Oonacat, a full-time artist with a BFA, spent a great deal of time researching and testing her designs. She even consulted with special effects professionals to get things just right. She brings her passion for the new and creative to each pair of boots. 

In addition to her unicorn work, Oonacat also creates ram's horns, antelope horns, demon horns, faux fur hooves, and much, much more. Visit Oonacat at her Facebook page to see more photos of her amazing work. You can even get wolf paws. If you don't see what you want, leave her a message and see if it is something she can do for you.

When Nancy Sinatra recorded the song "These Boots Are Made For Walking" back in the 60s (and the heyday of go-go boots), it is doubtful that she had any concept of just how far boots could actually go-go!

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