Dogs are more significant in our lives than ever before. We want them to participate in everything we do, including our wedding ceremonies. Why not? Who is closer to us than our dogs?

More than likely, your dog is not the one getting married, but you are. You're in luck regarding finding the perfect dress for your female dog. (Male dogs can wear the attire in Trend-Setting Elegance for Dog Grooms.) Dog fashionistas are holding nothing back when it comes to design of the party dress, and many of these dresses are perfect as bridesmaid gowns -- from sweet and simple to formal and frilly. The bridesmaid dresses here should match or blend with your wedding color scheme and style.


1. Best All-Around Summer Bridesmaid Dog Dress


In ivory and champagne pink, this sweet nylon lace dress can be worn at any wedding, formal or not. It's stretchy, feminine, and not too suffocating to wear in summer for an outside wedding. And it comes in several sizes! Available at Gramercy Pet for $53 - $58.




2. Formal Evening Dog Bridesmaid Dress


For a very formal wedding, the Evening Gown from Doggiedesigner is very frilly and feminine. The satin underlining is covered with decorated mesh and delicately embroidered and sparkled lace, weaving several shades of pink into the embroidery. A silver studded velvet bow seems to clip the top v-form at the neck, and at the waist, a big mesh tie-bow trails long on the gown with a fabric rose at its center. A sensational gown for $70.





3. The Gilded Dog Bridesmaid Dress


A design of Emma Rose, well known in dog fashion, this dress is gilded and silvered on its satin, organza, tulle, and crinoline fabric. The dress is white so it can certainly be worn by a dog bride, but it's perfect for the dog bridesmaid at a formal wedding. Gorgeous applique and embroidery on a true haute-couture dog dress. From My Uptown Pooch for $120.




4. The Red Carpet Dog Bridesmaid's Dress


Another beauty by Emma Rose, this is a satin brocade with silver stitching and Swarovski crystal buttons! The dress is called "On The Red Carpet" and you can see why! Lined and easy to adjust to fit. From the Gilded Paw, on sale now at half price!





5. Non-Traditional Wedding Dog Bridesmaid Dress


Designed by Oscar Newman, this little pretty is called the Paris Dog Dress. I chose it as potential bridesmaid dress for a non-traditional wedding. It's flashy, but very classy. Made of foiled velour, the dress is hand-beaded, sequined, and embroidered. It's clingy, so it definitely shows off her lines! Modern Tails carries this beauty for $66.



6. Carina Lace Dog Bridesmaid Dress


Another Oscar Newman design, the Carina is also a fitted dress. Fabric under-layer is covered with embossed stretch lace, and the bead and pearl neckline looks like a necklace on the dress. Pearl button fastens on rolled collar neckline. From XX Small to Large at Modern Tails for $73.




7. Pink Satin Dog Bridesmaid Dress


For the sweetheart bridesmaid, this pink satin dress set includes a pink satin and tulle headband that can double as a collar, and a pink satin leash. The dress has three layers of luscious satin with cute little flowers hand sewn on each layer. A big satin bow at the waist and a great harness hook for her leash. Gotta love it! At Modern Tails for $55 from XX Small to X Large.
















8. Simple Dog Harness Dress For Dog Bridesmaid


Emma Rose designed the Pretty As A Picture dog harness vest, that's nice for a summer outdoor wedding, particularly for dogs that are not used to wearing clothing. Pink and white stretch cotton make up the bodice, that is trimmed in white eyelet cotton lace. A matching leash and a dog dress is also available in this fabric. Also on sale now at the Gilded Paw.



9. Dogs Bearing Rings


There are many elegant small pillows available for a ring bearer dog, whether a dog bridesmaid or best man is bearing the ring. A great collection of ring bearing pillows is available from Bridal People, as is the attire below. The pillows can be worn over other wedding attire or as stand-alone atire.







10. I See Spot Ring Bearer Dog Shirt


A cute design in male wedding colors, your dog will look cool in this Ring Bearer Shirt by I See Spot. You may tie a ring in the satin band around the waist of the shirt, or settle for the representation of a ring that's already tied there. Very cute and on sale at the Gilded Paw.



If you plan to include your dog in your wedding, read Emma Rose's column at My Uptown Pooch.


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