Harvey was just four months old when he was rescued from his cruel owner
who was trying to sell him online. The little white cat had been born
without bones in his forelegs. Pictures and video of the plucky feline
Harvey the Cat, Missing the Bones of his Forelegs (You Tube Image)Harvey the Cat, Missing the Bones of his Forelegs (You Tube Image)captured the hearts of cat lovers everywhere and donations have been
pouring in to pay for the surgery to replace the bones and give Harvey
the chance at a normal life.

The birth defect the cat suffers from is called radial agenesis. Because of this he was born without the radius and ulna bones to connect the upper part of his legs to his paws. Surgery can be done to fix the issue, but he must be at least six months old to make sure that his bones are strong enough to hold the pins necessary for the surgery. The surgery cannot be put off much longer than that either because of the potential of damage to his spine as he grows.

For now Harvey is living happily with his foster mom in Glasgow, Scotland, blissfully unaware that he is different from any other cat. In a couple more months he will get to find out what a cat's life is really meant to be like. His future is looking so bright he may just want to invest in a good pair of shades.

Source: Mail Online