Although it sounds very alarming initially, worms in dogs are pretty common and owners need not fault themselves. Worms are often passed from a mother to her puppies via microscopic larvae either in utero or through her milk. Additionally, adult dogs can contract worms through consumption of infested dirt or feces.  Thankfully, tablets like Drontal Plus can help owners of all breeds tackle this problem quickly and easily without any fuss.

Drontal Plus Deworming TabletsDrontal Plus Deworming Tablets

The key to effective treatment is spotting signs of worms at an early stage, which will reduce the discomfort for your pet.  Some potential symptoms of worms are vomiting, weight loss, scratching of rear end on surface areas, and/or visible worms in the dog's stool.  If you can see worms in your dog's vomit or stool, you should definitely start your dog on a deworming medication right away. 

Drontal Plus is an easy-to-use treatment for worms that tackles tapeworm, hookworm, and roundworm parasite species. This medication is popular because it comes in tablet form or oral suspension and is easy to administer.  It works quickly and effectively to cure the problem.  

Giving Dog a PillGiving Dog a Pill


 Burns Puppy FoodBurns Puppy Food

This treatment can also be used for prevention of roundworm or tapeworm infestations. For prevention, the tablets should be given every three months.  You can give Drontal to your puppy by adminstering the pill or by mixing the tablets in with his puppy food.  This will prevent them from contracting worms and leave you with the peace of mind of knowing your pet is protected.  


What makes Drontal Plus a more effective treatment than some other dewormer brands is that it contains two different worm-fighting agents: Pyrantel and Paziquantel.  Pyrantel has been proven to combat roundworms and hook worms, while Paziquantel is popular for combatting tapeworm problems.

Because Drontal Plus contains a careful banalnce of these drugs, in most cases you will not have to purchase a separate product or visit the veterinarian, saving you the cost of large vet bills and additional medicines.  Drontal Plus is a one-stop solution for the worms that can irritate your pet.

Happy Healthy DogHappy Healthy Dog


Be your dog's best friend and treat him to Drontal Plus this year!