The Animal Pocket Knife by designer David Suhami was inspired by both the famous Swiss Army Knife and the animals with whom we share our planet... quite a few of which live nowhere near Switzerland. 

David Suhami has a knack for looking past the practical, and the legendary Swiss Army Knife is one of the most practical tools ever designed. There's one thing the famed multi-tool can't do, however: “unscrew boredom and open the fun!”

Suhami's words ring true - removing a cork from a bottle of wine with the aid of your handy-dandy corkscrew attachment is one thing, enjoying said wine with friend(s) is another and requires no mechanics, maybe just some semantics. Once your multi-tasking multi-tool has done its thing there's not much more to say.

Unless, of course, you whip out your Animal Pocket Knife and watch the laughter flow in sync with the wine. Pass 'em around (the knife AND the bottle) and challenge fellow party-ers to come up with as many different animals as possible. Hint: according to David Suhami you can configure up to 81! If you thought making balloon animals was the height of hilarity, the Animal Pocket Knife takes it to the next level.

The Animal Pocket Knife is built to last, just like those illustrious red-bodied, shield & crest marked toolchests in miniature. The fold-out components are crafted from Stainless Steel while the handles are made from fine Tabebuia wood. We're not really sure what Tabebuia wood is, actually, but rest assured only the finest is used. 


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