Life can leave you so stressed out these days. One way to really relax
is to go on vacation. Another way is to get  a massage. Why not combine
the best of both worlds and take a trip to a beach resort in Phuket,
Thailand. There you can relax on beautiful sandy beaches beneath idyllic
palm trees. And get a nice, calming massage by -- an elephant? Yep,
that's right. You can get a massage from an elephant. Just how relaxing
it actually is is something else.

Elephant Massage (You Tube Image)Elephant Massage (You Tube Image)

At Bang Tao Beach, Lucky and Lucy are young elephants trained to pat down patrons with their trunks. They are gentle, but cheeky, and not above trying to get a peek inside swim trunks. The moment also comes during the massage when one large foot is lifted and the client get the butt massage of a lifetime and fellow travelers get the laugh of a lifetime.

Cheeky Elephant Tries to Peek (You Tube Image)Cheeky Elephant Tries to Peek (You Tube Image)

Elephant massages are also given at Phuket's Island Park as a part of the elephant shows. The elephants there also perform many other tricks -- such as searching a man's shorts for bananas, but that's a story for another time and possibly a different website.

Elephant Butt Massage (You Tube Image)Elephant Butt Massage (You Tube Image)

The massages aren't really therapeutic in the muscular sense, but since laughter is the best medicine, an elephant massage apparently does a body good -- even if you are just the one on the other side of the camera.

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EDITORS NOTE:  The writer was not thinking of all of the issues involved with elephants giving humans massages and was just focused on the unusual nature of the story. We have received requests to remove this post. If we  delete this post,  we would lose all of the comments provided by our readers. We think the comments from readers are incredibly helpful and useful, so we are leaving this article up to give those of us who were not aware of the some of the issues involved here an opportunity to learn from this post.