If you have heard all of the debate surrounding legalizing marijuana, you may have heard about a new trend known as “stoner dog.” Over the past 5 years, Colorado is one of many states that has seen a tremendous increase in dogs becoming quite ill after ingesting marijuana. There are several videos on Youtube.com with people doping up their dogs and getting a kick out of it but this is not a matter that is funny in any way. In many of the cases of dogs accidentally or purposefully given marijuana, the majority of dogs will become quite ill or will actually die. Whether you have marijuana for medicinal purposes or not, it is important to keep this dangerous substance far away from man’s best friend!

Side Effects to Marijuana
When a dog ingests marijuana, they typically have side effects within a few minutes. Most dogs will start vomiting where others may start staggering when they walk but may be very lethargic. It is important that you take your dog to a vet right away so they can be properly treated. Without proper treatment, your dog may fall into a coma and may even die. Dogs are at a higher risk to death from marijuana as the drug is toxic to their system. This is why it is so important to focus on only feeding your dog proper dog food as it is specially made for their bodies needs.

Prevention is the Key
Marijuana can be beneficial to humans that are terminally ill. Whether or not you have a prescription, this is one substance that needs to be properly locked away and out of reach from everyone else in your household. Most animals will get into the marijuana due to their owners leaving it in areas that are easy to get to. If you have a pet that can get into medicine cabinets or your hiding place, keep the door closed to that room. Put your dog outside when you are not home or leave them in the kennel so they do not get into things that could make them seriously ill. Do not chance it and make sure you are taking preventative steps so your four-legged friend doesn’t accidentally stumble into your stash.


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