Last Thursday night a pick-up truck was stolen from outside a
maintenance shop in Longmont, Colorado. Cheyenne, a five-month-old black
Labrador retriever puppy was in the truck at the time. When the truck
was Black Labrador Puppy (Photo by António ML Cabral Esta/Creative Commons via Wikimeda)Black Labrador Puppy (Photo by António ML Cabral Esta/Creative Commons via Wikimeda)located in Fort Collins on Saturday the puppy was no longer inside.
After a bizarre twist in the case, Cheyenne has been returned to her owners.

It was also on Saturday that a man was approached by someone while he was pumping gas in Denver. The stranger had a puppy with him that he said he could not take care of. The man was suspicious and refused, but the stranger insisted. So the man took the puppy home and called Westminster Animal Control. When officers responded to his home they checked the dog for a microchip and discovered that she was the missing dog from the truck.

The owners were notified and picked up their now well-travelled Cheyenne on Sunday. 

A suspect was arrested on Saturday and charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft, and criminal mischief. It is currently unknown who was trying to give the dog away.

Source: 9News