Squid skin anti-aging supplement

Searching for a new anti-aging health supplement? Taiwan's Fisheries Research Institute (FRI for short) has issued a report detailing the production of beneficial peptides from squid skin, formerly a waste product of the squid-for-food industry. Tests conducted by FRI scientists indicate that when properly processed into an easy-to-take food supplement, squid skin can help an aging population cope with some of the many health problems experienced by the elderly.


Squid skin anti-aging supplement

In a series of tests conducted by the FRI, these functional squid skin peptides were proven to be effective in slowing down the aging process and lowering blood pressure.

The functional squid skin peptides activate sluggish and/or dormant nerve cells, boosting learning ability and reducing memory loss in test subjects. As well, the peptides were shown to lower raised blood pressure levels and may even act to slow down the aging process as a whole!


Squid skin anti-aging supplement

Supplements in pill, capsule or tablet form are just one way to ingest the beneficial peptides. The FRI researchers analyzed composite substances made from dried squid skin, which contain 70 percent protein and 13 percent sugar: as odd as it sounds, squid skin could be tasty AND nutritious.

Currently, around 15,000 tons of squid skin is produced annually as a by-product from industrial processing of aproximately 150,000 metric tons of squid. This "waste" typically ends up in landfills or is added to animal feed. Not only is squid skin readily available, it's also priced at bargain rates. Looks like this is just one more case of one man's trash being another man's treasure... chew on THAT while you enjoy your order of calamari!  (images via Bill Abbott / Flickr)




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