Have you exhausted your options when it comes to getting rid of pesky animals (not your own, of course) from your backyard?

Well, here's a Scarecrow® that really works!

Just insert a 9-volt battery, hook the Scarecrow up to your garden hose, stick it into the ground, and this motion activated sprinkler, Scarecrow,  will surprise any animal that comes into its 105 degree lateral range. Mind you, I said surprise, not shock, not kill, not maim. Scarecrow will just make your unwanted visitors-- rabbits, squirrels, deer, gophers, rats, pigeons, and all sorts of pests -- yes, even crows -- go away. And if they dare to come back, the Scarecrow will see them with its passive infrared detector and repel them again with a spray of water and a loud buzz -- effective and safe animal control!

Scarecrow uses just 2 - 3 cups of water per repellent, and works 24/7 for up to six months on one 9 volt battery.

Watch how it works!


As you can see, the Scarecrow motion detector is a humane method for effectively showing unwanted visitors the door. And, if you want, you can station one Scarecrow near your front door to deter unwanted visitors of the human kind.


The Scarecrow is made by Contech Electronics, that creates and manufactures other humane products for animal control. For more information on the Scarecrow, visit GregRobert Discount Supply

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