If you have been around long enough then you can remember the popular
Land Shark bit from the early days of Saturday Night Live. For three
brothers in Minnesota they may be far too young to remember Land Sharks,
but Snow Shark (You Tube Image)Snow Shark (You Tube Image)they came up with their own version for the holidays -- a snow
shark. This is their third marine snow sculpture in as many years.
Previously they favored their neighbors with a puffer fish and a walrus.

Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz are residents of New Brighton, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. They must be either future artists or engineers considering that their sculpture measures 16 feet long and took more than 90 hours to build. Their medium of choice is, of course, ice and snow. These are two commodities that are plentiful around the state at this time of year.

The boys enjoy getting to see people's reactions to their creations and love the fact that it makes them smile. They also enjoy getting to spend time together in such a creative and productive manner. There is no word on how many brotherly arguments they got into during the project, but the result definitely shows an ability to work together. This could give a whole new meaning to chumming for sharks.

Snow Shark (You Tube Image)Snow Shark (You Tube Image)

There was also no hint given as to what sea-faring creature they plan to portray next winter.  So, could it be a cuddly cuttlefish or a perfect penguin? Oh, ya sure, you betcha!

Sources: USA Today, CBS Minnesota