Dog and cat health insurance could be offered as an employee benefit: image via petuniversity.comDog and cat health insurance could be offered as an employee benefit: image via Employee benefits matter.  Not only financially, but in terms of
loyalty.  Smart companies know this and try to retain good workers by
enticing benefits - like pet health insurance, for example!

One such company, IntelliDyne, has been offering its employees pet health insurance (PHI) since 2007, and employees can opt in for as little as $9.00 a month.  Shirl Jenkins, Vice President for Human Resources, recently told The Washington Post, “We offer insurance for domestic partners and for kids — so why not for pets? They’re a part of the family, too.”

While she did not mention which insurance company was affiliated with IntelliDyne, Ms. Jenkins did mention the savings to employees, including discounts on veterinarian visits and on pet supplies, grooming, and boarding.

The ASPCA offers PHI plans to employers and associations and actively markets to those organizations. Why?  Well, one of the reasons is that the ASPCA has connected the dots between its mission to properly place homeless pets with adopted parents who can afford to keep them healthy. By offering employer assisted PHI, the organization furthers its mission and gives employers an opportunity to attract and retain valued employees and practice good public relations.

For more information about the ASPCA's PHI programs for employers and associations, visit this special page.

sources: ASPCA, The Washington Post

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