Since the UK banned the traditional “sport” of fox-hunting back in 2004, the canny canine carnivores seem to appreciate not being hounded anymore. Then there's this red fox from urban London for whom life's not just good, it's sofa king good! 

Anyone seen the remote?

Kudos to Facebook user Dela Anderson, who snapped the fur-bearin' varmint doing the couch potato thing in a cluttered back yard. Anderson posted the gone-viral pick on February 22nd though by the looks of the lush greenery, the scene likely dates back to last summer.

Thought the critter looks to be in full-on troll mode, urban foxes were never persecuted to the extent their country cousins were: the old idiom “a fox in the henhouse” may come to mind. Even so, the scene is noteworthy in and of itself, proving that not only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!



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