Keep your tired old frosty snowmen, frisky snow cats are what's trending today! These 10 frozen faux felines help make winter warmer while confusing the heck outta actual cats.

Frozen Fat-Shaming

“I don't know what the artist got for this, but he shoulda got life!”

Yeah, everyone loves art until they're the subject of it and if you are, the one thought going through your mind is... revenge.


Ice Stare You Stare

PetsLady's own Laurie Kay Olson featured the above mystified kitty and their way cool doppelganger last winter. You just know that cat was looking through that window EVERY. SINGLE. DAY until the menacing yet unmoving copy-cat melted away.


Toofy Or Not Toofy

Forget Snowzilla, here's Catzilla! One wonders what the original Toofy thinks of the (presumably) MUCH larger replica in the front yard. Hey, that's one way to stop the neighbor's dog from poopin' on your lawn!


I'm Meltinggggg...

Pointed ears aren't the only visual cue that separates snow men from snow cats but molding those features may be the trickiest trick in a snow-sculptor's book. Kudos to the sculptor of this semi-solid snow cat: they got the ears down pat even though all the while the medium was melting in his or her hands.


Me Snow Hungry

“Feed me, Seymour!”...

or Simon, as the case may be. Pro-tip for wannabe snow cat sculptors: Hand drawn expressions give your cool kitty creations the perfect finishing touch.


Porch : There Is No Substitute

It's said one should never turn your back on a cat made of snow but what if the cat turns its back on you? Who the heck knows... it's not like the situation presents itself every so often. Thinking positively, the artist saved time by not having to create a face.


Here, Hold My Beer

Finally, a use for discarded beer bottle caps! The bonus is that car headlights will reflect light back just like a real cat's eyes do. So, how many crashes has the above jumbo-sized snow cat head caused?


The Walking Sled

Remember those weird and disturbing zombified super-tall cats that became a hit internet meme a few years back? Someone with a lot of time (and even more snow) remembers so you can enjoy those nightmares all over again.


How Far Would You Go?

Slow news day? Since the headline reads “Giant Snow Cat turns heads in north Fargo”, we're thinkin', like, yeah. Also, folks in Fargo (sorry, NORTH Fargo) would seem to be easily distracted though in their defense, a white cat standing nearly 8 feet tall probably WOULD cause “a lot of people to stop their cars and get out to snap a photo” wherever they lived.


Hello Chilly

When it comes to snow sculptures, you just can't beat the pros: they've got the experience, can make as much snow as they need, and they're being paid! Take the above enormous Hello Kitty snow sculpture: not only is it huge, it's got an entrance off the the side. Wonder what's in there... snow mice, perhaps?


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