An interior designer and a home re-modeller have figured out how to keep kitty inside without her litter box.  It's a contraption you put together yourself called the Litter-Garage™, but to use it you have to have a wall that adjoins your home and your garage.




First you will need to make a hole in that wall. On the house side of the wall you will mount a step to which a panel is attached containing a cat door.  On the garage side of the wall, you will mount a raised litter box attached to a panel where litter paraphenalia, like a scooper, deodorant, and bags, are also attached.  Between the house panel and the garage panel, there's a chute that is focused downward into the litter box.

When your cat needs to use his box, he enters the chute through the cat door to his destination, the litter box.  Then, when he is finished using the box, he will return through the chute into the house the same way he came in.  However, because the chute is tilted in the direction of the litter box, any litter that has stuck to his feet or fur will slide backwards into the litter box as he moves up the chute.

Very clever design.

The kit comes with a

  • covered litter box 
  • support tray
  • cat door
  • thru-the-wall chute
  • litterscoop, bag holder, hand wipes
  • all necessary fasteners, and (thankfully)
  • step by step instructions

The developers of the Litter Box write that the kit takes about an hour to assemble and that it accomodates cats up to 15 pounds.  For more information, visit via ModernCat