If you have seen any of the videos of the sloth orphanage that have been
going about the internet then you would know that sloths are cute and
downright cool -- even if they are incredibly slow. You can show your
love for these unusual creatures with a great pair of Sloth Earrings.

Sloth EarringsSloth Earrings

With these adorable little critters hanging on to your ears you will definitely get people noticing you and asking you where they can get a pair. Since they are just as unique as you are, you may want to play it coyly, or you can be the big hero and let them know what an awesome shopper you are.

Sloth EarringsSloth Earrings

The sloths are made of wood with a plastic stabilizer. The backs are bullet clutch. The great news is that they are made in the U.S.A. so you can support American industry.

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