What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your
mouth (aka, filthy rich)? One thing you would be able to afford is your
own Jurassic-Sized T-Rex Dinosaur. Okay, not a live one, obviously, but an
incredibly life-like simulation -- if T-Rexes never moved.

The statue stands 11 feet tall, is 22 feet long, and comes complete with terrifying teeth, massive tail, scaly skin and those teeny little forearms. It is the perfect adornment for the garden that is just a little left of center. The T-Rex is also great for creating your own Jurassic paradise in the backyard. 

 Jurassic-Size T-Rex Dinosaur StatueJurassic-Size T-Rex Dinosaur Statue

The statue is cast from a durable, high-quality resin and hand-painted for realism. If you order this delightful beast you need to be prepared for where it will go. The Jurassic-Sized T-Rex Dinosaur weighs a colossal 457 pounds, so it may require extra support. This wonderful piece is also on sale right now for a mere $8,000 plus shipping and handling.

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