Form and function are perfectly paired in this Hand-carved Coffee Tree Bird Perch. It is carefully handcrafted from a 25-35 year old coffee tree. The tree is stripped of its bark, carved and sanded to accentuate its natural shape, and then kiln dried. With two birds carved into the trunk the tree becomes a beautiful work of art. The natural tree shape provides your parrot or cockatoo with a more comfortable perch to add to their habitat.

Hand-Carved Coffee Tree Bird PerchHand-Carved Coffee Tree Bird Perch

Each four-foot perch comes with seven to ten branches that are spaced far enough to allow for your bird to really moved around, play, and flap their wings. Two bowls come attached to the branches for easy feeding, as well as two toys for mental and physical stimulation.

A 48" x 32" base helps to catch wayward bird seed (among other things) and is set on four lockable casters to allow for easy movement of the unit. It's a bird dream come true if you have $1,000 bucks to drop on this totally cool Hand-carved Coffee Tree Bird Perch. For more information or to order, click here.


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