Buying your dog its own Canine Shower Stall would be a very handy thing to do. It
would take much of the struggle out of bath time and save messing up
your tub or shower. It would also cut down on all of those extra trips
to the groomer as well.

It seems that most dogs don't care much for water unless it is the nearest stream or mud puddle that they can play in and the stinkier they can get the better. So bath time can be a bit of a struggle -- until now. This stylish shower/spa holds your pooch in place with a pair of leashes and a locking door. The design allows you to wash your dog without having to drench yourself. You can connect the unit to either a faucet or garden hose. A 2' flexible pipe drains away the used water. 

Canine Shower StallCanine Shower Stall

The shower can handle canines up to 200 pounds, but also comes with an adjustable shelf to create a comfortable space for smaller dogs. All this can be yours for a mere $1,250.

For more information on the Canine Shower Stall or to order, click here.


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