Nagas are snakes that are very much a part of the contemporary traditions of certain Hindu regions of Asia. They are considered nature spirits and protectors of springs, lakes, and rivers. The Naga also symbolizes everlasting love and prosperity. In Bali the legend holds that the Naga is in love with the pearl. To visit his love he must dive from the heights of his mountain home into the depths of the ocean. When he rises again to return home, the water is shed from his scales over the rice paddies below, bestowing prosperity upon the islanders.

 Naga Diamond Necklace from Nieman MarcusNaga Diamond Necklace from Nieman Marcus

This necklace is finely crafted of sterling silver and 18-karat gold with a ring of pave diamonds, giving the piece a play of rich textures and contrast. The dragon's head acts as the clasp. This beautiful necklace is such a bargain for the wealthy at just $5,995. If you are interested, please click here.

Additional information source: Wikipedia