Even if you don't play the game, an expensive chess set with a beautiful
design can fill that empty little nook in the penthouse. It is
especially nice when it is a great conversation starter because it has
been carved out of buffalo bone. This Ambawari Collector set of chessmen is magnificently hand-carved by the finest artisans in India.

Elephant King Chess PieceElephant King Chess Piece

The pieces are the traditional animals of India -- elephants, camels, and horses, all in traditional royal attire. Traditional colors are used to bring each piece to life. The entire set comes in a protective box lined with silk and velvet for storage when not on display. 


Ambawari Carved Buffalo Painted 6" ChessmenAmbawari Carved Buffalo Painted 6" Chessmen

The set usually sells for $3,900 but is on sale right now for $2,990. For more information or to order your own  Ambawari Collector set of chessmen, click here.