Silver Spoon Sunday: Buckingham Palace

Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that they are really royalty is disguise. Now you can treat them like the royalty they're sure they are by installing their very own Buckingham Palace (or Buck House, as the Brits sometimes call it). It will allow them to follow some of their favorite pursuits in comfort and style (e.g., climbing, scratching, and looking down on you).

 Buckingham Palace by Kitty MansionsBuckingham Palace by Kitty Mansions

It is just under nine feet tall and eighty inches wide -- a truly palatial size for your prince or princess puss. It is loaded with nooks, crannies, ramps, overlooks, tunnels -- all sorts of spaces for feline fun.


No more boring kitty condos for your cat! List price for this item is just $2,500 but you can get it online for just $1,200, click here

Kitty Devine
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Jan 31, 2016
by Anonymous
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I love from Peter fielder

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