A sculpture of Big Foot hoofing it through the garden towards your place
would certainly set you apart. It would signify how far ranging your
contacts are, as well as how open-minded you are about house guests. This cute S'quatch is a young one at just six feet tall, but he's packed and ready to go -- or stay.

 Giant Life-Sized Yeti StatueGiant Life-Sized Yeti Statue

Your guests won't believe their eyes when they catch a glimpse of the famous creature of myth and legend taking a stroll through your garden. They will be running for their cameras just for the photo op. The resin statue is weather-resistant and hand-painted for realism. At 147 pounds the Sasquatch is not going to be blowing over easily in a storm.  If you are that rich, this Giant Life-Size Yeti Statue is a steal at $2,250. For more information or to order, click here.