You can really celebrate the season with these fine collectible porcelain trinket boxes from Limoges. The 12 Days of Christmas is loaded with birds since half of the gifts are of the feathered variety. From that partridge in a pear tree to those seven swans a-swimming it is a lot of work for your servants. Represent them all in these cute boxes and they won't be nearly as much work.

Two Turtle Doves, $290

Limoges Two Turtle DovesLimoges Two Turtle Doves

Three French Hens, $250

 Limges Three French HensLimges Three French Hens

Four Calling Birds, $258

 Limoges Four Calling BirdsLimoges Four Calling Birds

Seven Swans A-Swimming, $230

Limoges Seven Swans A-SwimmingLimoges Seven Swans A-Swimming

If you decided to splurge and get all twelve days it'll cost you. The entire set costs a total of $3,200.