Shelter Cats Take Spinning Class On The Cat Wheel

Cat Wheel by Catswall Design: © Catswall DesignCat Wheel by Catswall Design: © Catswall DesignRodents seems to ride their spinning wheels without encouragement; they don't even need a piece of cheese to chase as a reward for their constant spinning. But cats... well, you know the only way to get a cat to run is to give her something groovy to chase... or to have a dog chase her. In the case of the Cat Wheel by Catswall Design, you can pick her favorite feather or catnip-stuffed mouse and attach it to the wheel to motivate her to spin.


Cat Wheel by Catswall Design: image via catsparella.comCat Wheel by Catswall Design: image via



The Catswall Wheel is certainly not the first cat wheel on the market, but it is quite stylish and sleek, compared to others. Catswall abandoned the use of a wheel shaft drive, instead using casters on the base to drive the wheel body; one feature of this system is that cats can run in either direction.

The company also uses MDF (medium-density fiberboard) for the wheel which makes its Cat Wheel lightweight. Then, a cover of pretty paint and a nice smooth veneer make the product easy to clean.

Catswall Design, which has designed other stylish and creative cat products is located in Taiwan.  Distribution is not yet available in the U.S., but it's certainly something to look forward to.

In case you don't believe me, below are several kitties in a Taiwanese shelter going nuts for the chance to catch the toy mouse on the Cat Wheel! (Watch the whole short video; it gets pretty funny!)




Catswall Design via Catsparella
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