No matter how hard we try to create paperless offices, the truth is that
in one way or another we still must use paper for some things to be
able to get the work done. Sometimes those papers must be attached to
one another. Put the bite on all this paperwork with a Shark Stapler.

Shark StaplerShark Stapler

This sleek stapler is the creation of designer Jac Zagoory and is made out of pewter. It has the sleek lines of these denizens of the deep complete with fins and those terrifying teeth. This shark can actually bite, but fortunately its diet consists of paper only.

Shark StaplerShark Stapler

Zagoory studied jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City before moving on to metal sculpture. His designs are the perfect melding of form and function for the modern desk top.

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Photos via Jac Zagoory Designs