Oh, I know all that stuff dog trainers teach you about dominance in dogs and how when they hump other dogs they're being dominant.  That's true, but my legs are reliable witnesses and they would tell you, if they could, that often Buddy just wants sex.... and that means sexual release.

A Brazilian dog lover, feeling empathy for his male Maltese, has developed the first sex doll for dogs.  The Doggie Lover Doll®, a soft rubber toy with a silicone vagina, is now available to order, complete with an "intimate lubricant to increase the life of the doll."  Here she is: DLD in all her splendor!



And here is an obviously wasted Maltese, demonstrating how he uses his Doggie Lover Doll.




Although many pet owners will see the humorous side of the DLD, there is a more serious behavioral aspect of the Doggie Lover Doll that should be considered.  Male dogs, in particular, can experience strong sexual urges, even years after being neutered.  The lack of fulfillment of these urges is frustrating to the point of high anxiety, and may even cause pain to the dog. 

So if your dog has been expressing his testosterone levels on your legs and furniture repeatedly, the Doggie Lover Doll should be considered seriously as a therapeutic tool, not just a funny toy.  In fact, the doll's creator, Marcos Giroto, found that in his testing of the toy with various dogs, the owners later reported a calmer, less aggressive, less anxious dog, who was less interested in marking territory.  Interesting.

PetSmiling, the company that Giroto founded to market the DLD (and maybe future pet novelties) officially debuted the DLD at the 8th Pet South America show in Brazil last week.  Already he has received orders from the US, Germany and Japan. 

PetSmiling makes the Doggie Lover Doll in small, medium and large, in hopes that all male dogs can be suitably accommodated.   The website is not competed yet, but you can contact PetSmiling for information or purchase. Inquiries from pet stores are welcome.   The email address is petsmiling@petsmiling.com; or you may call 1-305-728-6404.


The website and the product Doggie Lover Doll are no longer available. Another dog sex doll is still available on the market. It is aptly named Hot Doll and it too is designed especially for dogs to satisfy their sexual urges. Ergonomically designed by veterinarians, it has been built with legs designed to resist sliding. The Hot Doll provides a removable cone made out of silicone for softness and easy cleaning.

Hot Doll For DogsHot Doll For Dogs

Hot Doll for Dogs In BlackHot Doll for Dogs In Black


DoggieLoverDoll.com (no longer available)

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Originally published July 2009 and updated May 2015.