Want To See Hummingbirds Up Close? Put A Feeder On Your Face

Ever wish you could see hummingbirds up really really close? Well, everyone will agree that the best way to experience hummingbirds up close is to have them right in your face!

Spring is in the air, and that means that hummingbirds aren't too far away. People everywhere are loading their hummingbird feeders, in the hope of getting a buzz every time a hummingbird buzzes close by.

But they don't tend to come too close if your personal space invades theirs. Unless you happen to be wearing a hummingbird feeder on your forehead. Then, they come real close.

California inventor, Doyle Doss, has developed the :--2<: (Eye to eye) Wearable Hummingbird Feeder so that you can get closer to those beautiful hummingbirds. And the cool thing is that it works!


But Doss's inventiveness doesn't stop there. Doss' website  Heatstick.com lists a series of his quirky, utilitarian inventions, including a candle space heater and a thermal fan that redirects warm air from your ceiling to your feet.

So, if you ever wished you could see hummingbirds up close or you were looking for other "Inventive and Innovative Energy and Environment Products that are elegant solutions to overlooked opportunities", your search is clearly over.

If you are looking for more traditional but still fun looking hummingbird feeders, perhaps these will work better for you. 

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