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A Second Story Walk-Up Designer Dog House

A second story walk-up, what every dog craves... and deserves.  From the time British designer Michael Young began his career, his works have put a smile on a lot of faces, and his Doghouse is no exception.  But the Populux style Doghouse is not a design joke; it's for real!

Young's Doghouse is a rotational-molded polyethylene structure with a stainless steel frame, manufactured by Magis, Italy. All you need to do is pack the steps with sand for stability and put a cozy comforter up in the House, and your dog will be in walk-up heaven - protected from the elements above and below him.


Doghouse, designed by Michael Young for Magis: image via Michael-Young.comDoghouse, designed by Michael Young for Magis: image via Michael-Young.com


And that brass plate above the door?  It reads amicus fidelis protectio fortis, or faithful friend, strong protector.  


Doghouse, designed by Michael Young for Magis: image via Mossonline.comDoghouse, designed by Michael Young for Magis: image via Mossonline.com


Moss is now carrying this chic Doghouse in white.  Get one.  This is about keeping up with the Jacques of the dog world.

Moss Online, Michael Young, Design Museum

That's the buzz for today!


Lady Bee
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Apr 7, 2011
by Anonymous
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