With a shortage of food in the Pacific
Ocean, people in California have been seeing an increase in the number
of sea lions coming ashore to forage. Last spring one wayward sea lion
traveled 5 blocks inland to check out what Mar Vista High School might
have to offer an eager and ambitious pinniped. It is uncertain whether he was heading for admissions or the cafeteria.

Sea Lion Detained (Image via Twitter)Sea Lion Detained (Image via Twitter)

The surprised staff at the school called in the San Diego County Sheriff's Department to investigate the intruder on their campus. Deputies detained the sea lion in the back of their car until animal control officers and SeaWorld employees showed up to care for the creature.

Sea Lion (Image via Twitter)Sea Lion (Image via Twitter)

Suffice it to say that the sea lion's first day of school ended in detention and expulsion. Perhaps college would have worked out better for him.

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