You may remember the sinewy Trio Tower Cat Scratcher designed by Moderncat Studio, the one that allows you to swivel the layers of cardboard to form multiple designs.  Well, Trio is still going strong, but now Moderncat has adapted its popular Trio Tower for cats who like to stretch to their full height when they scratch.

Here is the original Trio Tower.  The layers of cardboard are pressed, not glued, so the layers can be swivelled to create your own design. Isn't this cool?


Trio Scratch Tower for cats: © Moderncat DesignTrio Scratch Tower for cats: © Moderncat Design


This is the Trio Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher, a full 24 inches long. The ability to swivel the layers of cardboard is likely challenged by the wall bracket, but you can make use of the scratching surface of all sides by removing the bracket and turning the cardboard to expose an unworn side.

Trio Wall-Mounted Scratch Tower: © Moderncat DesignTrio Wall-Mounted Scratch Tower: © Moderncat Design


Moderncat has also designed a 12 inch Trio and Triangle for your wall, so you can display them like the arti-functionals they are, and kitty can suit herself - scratching while lying, scratching while sitting, or scratching while stretching out to her fullest extent.


Trio Wall-Mounted Scratch Towers, variable sizes: © Moderncat DesignTrio Wall-Mounted Scratch Towers, variable sizes: © Moderncat Design


Each of the cardboard scratchers comes out about 6 inches from the wall.  They are mounted on powder-coated steel brackets and come with your choice of red or black closure cap.  All are available at Moderncat Design Etsy Shop; replacements for the cardboard structures are also available.


That's the buzz for today!