Photobombs are accidental in nature, especially animal photobombs that are often taken by accident in a natural setting. Though the number of amazing animal photobombs is growing by leaps and bounds as time goes by, these ten typify what amounts to a new viral variation on wildlife photography.

10) Suddenly Squirrel

Call it the first shot fired in the photobomb wars: a scene-stealing ground squirrel only too ready for its close-up ends up snatching the limelight – what a nut! (animal photobomb image via Neatorama and Melissa Brandts/National Geographic)   

9) Oh My Dog!

Ever wonder what happened to the famous Coppertone dog? Well, he's all grown up and so are his bikini-wearing targets. Some things don't change, however, and it bears reminding that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. (animal photobomb image via Mamamia

8) Covert Stingray

OK, so the stingray photobombing this trio of vacationing women may have had a little human assistance but the reactions inspired are naturally spontaneous and hilarious. According to Sarah Bourland (the lady on the left), the photo was taken six years ago at Stingray Island in the Cayman Islands. (animal photobomb image via Huffington Post) 

7) Beach Party Crasher

We interrupt this all-animal production of Wedding Crashers... actually WE don't but someone does, and they sure look pleased to have done it. Bartender, we think this guy's reached his limit and we don't care if he's related to the bride. (animal photobomb image via Studentbeans

6) A Giant Leap From Mankind

In September of 2013, NASA launched the LADEE spacecraft from Pad 0B at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The probe was unmanned but one attempted stowaway was caught on camera after having second thoughts. Unfortunately for the erstwhile first amphibian astronaut, those second thoughts turned out to be last thoughts. At least he went out with a bang. (animal photobomb image via ABC News

5) Hi Llama

The Idaho llama from Napoleon Dynamite ate ham; her stay-at-home cousin from Machu Picchu, Peru IS a ham. According to photographer Natalie Rabinowitz, “I wasn't expecting the llama to turn his head when I snapped this shot.” No one expects the hispanic imposition, Natalie. (animal photobomb image via National Geographic/Natalie Rabinowitz)


Some people like small dogs, others prefer spending the better part of their disposable income on pet food and XXL-size poop baggies. Let's not even talk about dog breath on a cyclonic scale. (animal photobomb image via Reddit

3) It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a... Cat?

Is your cat a superhero in disguise? Can they walk the walk, not just talk the talk? This cat can, and you can pity the scofflaws its chasing once the cloud-surfing kitteh catches up to them... or maybe the filled-up feline's merely taking a powder on the restaurant bill. (animal photobomb image via Daily Mail/Buzzfeed

2) Hey Babe, I'm A Taurus

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain is a longstanding tradition but those who stand too long might get horns honked at them. And by honked, we mean thrust angrily and forcefully. Smile, you're on Cattle Camera! (animal photobomb image via Twisted Sifter)   

1) I Saw Your Face

Ever seen a sawfish face to face? Most folks haven't, probably because these unusual fish have a wickedly sharp, multi-toothed “saw” extending out from the tops of their heads. Maybe we should all be more like this guy, who doesn't judge a book by its cover or a sawfish by its saw. (animal photobomb image via Imgur)  


The near-omnipresence of camera-equipped mobile phones means the opportunity for animal photobombs is greater than ever before. Face it, even a sloth – a SLOTH, people – can crash a photo that takes a fraction of a second to take. Then again, he/she just might have been a remarkably active sloth. (animal photobomb image at top via Imgur and above via Caters)

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