Allow your cat to dine in timeless style with this beautiful example of handmade pottery from Japan!

Each individually crafted piece features a charming stylized cat's tail embossed upon an integral pedestal that reduces strain on your hungry (or thirsty) pet's neck.

These bowls are brought to you by Chimajiya, specialists in handmade pet items and accessories sourced from around the world. The process of throwing every piece by hand means no two are exactly alike – not a bad thing, really – though each bowl is angled to provide extra stimulation for your cat.

The dishes measure roughly 11.5cm (4.5") tall and the bowls average 10 ~ 12cm (about 4.5") in diameter. Finished with a semitransparent glaze that enhances the clay's warm earth tone, these intriguing feeding dishes will add a touch of warmth to both your home's décor scheme and your cat's quality of life. Order yours from Chimajiya's product page