It's been almost a year since I covered the masterful dog houses created by Italian artist and designer Marco Marisini.  I checked back to see if he had designed any more dog houses, and I found that he didn't stop at dog houses... Morosini has designed a whole line of attire and accessories befitting only the dog gods!

Morosini must be constantly on.  He's a painter, photographer, web designer, has a clothing line for people, designs nearly everything for famous designers... so I am surprised that he has designed so many items just this year for our dog gods!  Here are just 10 of some of the most creative accessories for dogs I've seen.   Let's start with....


1. Room Service, Because Dog Is A God

The photo speaks for itself.




2. Dog Workout Suits & Matching Cot, Because Dog Is A God

Too too much! Could you just die? The cot is also available white with pinstripes for the beach lounge look.



Just modeling here.  Skateboards are much to dangerous for god dogs.




3.  Candy Kiss Dog House, Because Dog Is A God

You won't find the Candy Kiss Dog House in just any forest.  Camping out is rough for a dog, so this tee-pee design, a fake fur bed, and his comfy sweater should be just right to make him feel at home.




4.  Dog Cushion, Because Dog Is A God

A nice firm cushion too! Also made in yellow and red plaid!




5.  Dog Transport Bag, Because Dog Is A God

Carry the little god dog on your arm and take him wherever you go, because gods hate to be alone.  The bag below is made in yellow, white and black.  There's a softer sided bag in plaid and black and white tweed (see cushion above), and there's an exquisite white faux fur for the goddess dog perhaps. (see number 10 below)




7.  Dog-Envy Cat Bed... Because Dog is a God

Though god dogs will snub them, some households have cats... to do the scullery work.  Just in case the cat gets too jealous of god dog, Dog Is A God has designed a rather luxurious pod... luxurious for a cat, that is.




8.  Dog Food And Water Bowls, Because Dog Is A God

Black silhouettes of all kinds of god dogs!



9.  Polo Shirt For The Nomad Dog Is A God

The Nomad Travel Dog
House, created last year, has become the focus for several accessories and dog
clothing suitable for travel, as nomads will do.  This preppy polo is a must for any tennis playing god dog.




9.  Collars & Matching Leather Leashes Because Dog Is A God

If it's Italian, it's leather... and it's gorgeous.  Love the gray!




10.  Dog Raincoat, Dog Furry Shrug Sweater & Matching Dog Carry Bag, Because, Of Course, Dog Is A God!


This is sooooooo Italian!



Marco Morosini's Dog Is A God designs are sold wholesale by Bosa, Italia.  Contact the company to find retailers.


That's my buzz for all the dog gods!