The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Dept. and Burlington Police Dept. were surprised to discover a small weed-filled shed when they shooed away a moose away from the populated areas of Burlington, Vermont.

Through the months of May and June, moose tend to be more active foragers in the state of Vermont, which led one curious or lost moose to wander into the middle of town. Officers sprang into action to drive the aimless animal away from parking lots, traffic and residents.

While they were busy herding the beast back to the woods, the moose took a detour past a shed that sported a fan blowing a strong and distinct marijuana smell into the surrounding area. After obtaining a search warrant, police returned to discover 32 pot plants inside. 

Even though Bullwinkle wasn’t interested in the illegal hemp farm, his wayward adventure took some drugs off the mean streets of Vermont. Locals have to be especially careful while driving, since a moose that has wandered into urban areas is probably lost and stressed to begin with. If you see a moose around your property or in the road, give it plenty of space and don’t provoke it. After all, you don’t want 1,000lbs of angry moose charging your car!

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Sources: NECN, CBC News