When you have a creative designer and architect like Paul Kweton, the utility of a dog house and rocking chair meld seamlessly together into one rocking dod bed.

Buried among designs for ingenious cup holders and carpet shoulder bags, studioPaulbaut holds the designs for Rocking-2-gether, a fun and innovative concept of a rocking pet bed.

Rocking Pet BedRocking Pet Bed

In describing Rocking-2-gether, Paul explains that "The "merge" & "morph" manipulation of the old school rocking chair and doghouse generates a hybrid "furniture" that combines the idea of shelter and body relaxation and pushes its functionality to a different, more personal level."

The rocking chair is made of made out of CNC cut 1/2" plywood, sliced to form the backrest, the seat, the arms and the rounded base together with a closed cubby beneath which serves as a comfortable pet bed.

Plans for Rocking Pet BedPlans for Rocking Pet Bed


Detailed View Rocking Pet BedDetailed View Rocking Pet Bed

With this amazing rocking bed chair,  Paul Kweton brings new meaning to the concept of hybrid furniture.

You can see all of Paul Kweton's amazing work at PaulKweton.com