Whether for rolling in or wanting to take them home -- dogs love dead
things. It can be enough to make even the most die-hard dog lover gag.
Now you can give your dog its very own roadkill to play with sans the
decomp smell and oozing things with Grriggles Road Crew Unstuffy Pet Toys.

 Grriggles Road Crew Unstuffy Pet ToysGrriggles Road Crew Unstuffy Pet Toys

You can choose from an opossum, a gopher, a badger, and a fisher cat.  Each cute and funny toy is stuffing free and comes with an elongated body for more playtime fun tugging and tossing. Each toy also comes with tread marks across the back to guarantee that the animal is indeed road kill. Each animal also comes equipped with two squeakers for added appeal. The Grriggles Road Crew Unstuffy Pet Toys are fun for both dogs and their humans.

For more information or to order the opossum, click here. For the badger, click here. For the gopher, click here. For the fisher cat, click here.

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