Dogs and cats, traveling together! Mass hysteria! OK, maybe “hysterical” is a better word to describe this high-riding kitten and his noble canine steed. As for the Old West angle, it's been updated with the dog rocking a pair of very cool shades and packing a mobile phone taped (yes, taped) to his right front leg. Hey Fido, who ya gonna call?

These photos were snapped in late June of 2013 by a presumably bemused pedestrian in Kunming, China. Are they Kunming to your town? You wish!

What little information there is on the incongruous pair of traveling companions indicates that this is a regular occurrence: the bareback er, dogback rider and his mutt mount hit Kunming's gritty city streets every day, to the amazement of the many people passing by.

Obviously some degree of human aiding and abetting is involved in getting the pet posse suited up and ready for the road. Both feline and canine wear individual leashes that appear to be linked, and paws aren't ideal when it comes to attaching such devices... not to mention the sunglasses and cell phone.

Perhaps the slim, short-haired, shorts-wearing cigarette smoker in the image above oversees the outings and ensures neither animal is cat-napped or dog-napped in transit.

In any case, it's obvious the pair get along famously and the dog seems to have no hard feelings about always being the ridee and not the rider... though that kind of role reversal certainly WOULD set off mass hysteria. (images via China Navis)


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