There has been a lot of controversy of late over the killing of animals
just for "trophy heads."  One alternative to this activity is to change
from displaying formerly living and majestic animals to using any of a
variety of forms of artwork instead. One of these possibilities is
trophy heads made of cardboard such as Leon Lion Trophy Head.

 Leon Lion Trophy HeadLeon Lion Trophy Head

For a mere fraction of the cost of a safari hunt you can have this magnificent trophy head on your wall. You can also make up the story of how you captured the beast by stalking it through a darkened warehouse of empty cardboard boxes and brought it down bare-handed, risking life and paper cuts.

Leon Lion Trophy HeadLeon Lion Trophy Head

The lion's head is shipped flat to you and detailed instructions for assembly are included. This is actually cardboard, so you need to keep it dry and keep it away from excessive heat. Made in the U.S.A. using recycled cardboard.

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