Take a really good, long look at that.

Tell me that Political Correctness has not gone too far after staring at that for a moment.

I mean, come on.  Really??????  We now need butt-hole covers for our pets????

Touted as a "rear enhancing product," Rear Gear is one of those products that I look at, get confused, look at again, then sigh in disbelief.  Even the ad copy makes me laugh:

"...Rear Gear is a fun and enchanting way of covering your pet's rear while boosting their confidence."

Yeah... um... confidence boosted.  I know that I would feel much more confident in my life with a star shaped picture of something (I think I would pic the Batmobile) covering my... Bat Cave.

While I admire the entrepreneurship of the creator and find the website very cool, I just can't stand behind something like this (both literally and figuratively).  In my mind Rear Gear is a representation of all that is wrong in our Politically Correct nation--a little tiny cover to hide the true nature of something so that we can conveniently ignore it.  And that just makes me mad.

Granted, the creator of this item could be the nicest person on the planet.  This is not a slam on the individual; this is a slam on the notion that hiding something makes it not exist.

Hi, pretty girl.  Do you realize that your dog has re-defined the way I'll look at "craps" the next time I go to Vegas?

If you find Rear Gear to be something up your alley (ha!-- pun intended!), you can get more info here.