Most folks are used to having turkeys as, ahem, "guests" at
Thanksgiving, but looking beyond the dinner table, can these birds make
good pets? Turkey fans say they're smart and friendly, in addition to
being majestic to look at. Turkeys can make good pets if they're treated
right. Here's what these sociable birds need to be happy:


Room to Roam

Make sure your yard is large enough for these big birds to stretch their legs. 90 square feet should suffice for a pair of turkeys.


Pair of turkeysPair of turkeys


A Place to Call Home

To stay comfortable during the winter, turkeys need a warm barn or outbuilding to retreat to. It should be filled with wood shavings or hay for bedding.


Permission to Eat like a (Very Hungry) Bird

Turkeys will eat almost anything, but poultry pellets from the farm supply store are a good base to their diets. For special treats, try giving them mealworms or crickets. Yum!


Male turkey displaying his plumageMale turkey displaying his plumage


With sufficient space, shelter and food, a pet turkey can be a pleasure to have around.


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