Who says you can't get some cool duds and donate money to a great charity too?

Gals... Here's a chance to get the most dynamite rainwear ever, and fund some really needy dog shelters without spending an extra dime. 

Guys... just get her shoe size....

däv®, the dynamite rainwear designer, has created spectacular special patterns for women's rain boots and umbrellas for the .   And all the proceeds will be donated to the Dog Whisperer's foundation!

The Cesar and Ilusion Milan Foundation provides funds to non-profit dog rescue shelters for rescue, rehabilitation and placement of abused and abandoned dogs.  It also provides the shelters and general public with a range of educational materials on proper dog care, behavior, and training.

däv designed two patterns dog lovers will adore:  the Chihuahua Print and the Boston Terrier Print.  The boot style is däv's most popular, the Flirt, a waterproof western-toed, heeled boot with a laced corset-style closure in the back. You'll be wishing for rain so you can wear these boots!


First, the Flirt Chihuahua....



You know, if you get the boots, you just have to go for the matching compact umbrella.  This is so Chihuahua.

Sky blue and all that too.... The Flirt Boston Terrier...
 Yup, pup.  There's a compact Boston Terrier umbrella with your name on it.

Make everybody happy!  You and the hundreds of dogs and new dog owners your donations can help get together.


That's the buzz for today!