Professional athletes have experienced the benefits of Q-Links for more than a decade.The pendants worn around their necks have helped many a professional golfer, for example, score some birdies. And, yes, even Madonna is reported to wear a Q-link!

But, now pets can experience the same focus and positive, healthy energy with the Q-Links Pet Pendant!

Our own biofields are more and more affected by stresses in our biofields that interfere with our natural biological rhythms. For humans, these stresses may be caused by illness, fear or worry, a nagging boss ... and environmental variables like exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and chemicals that creep into our lives more and more every day. This may or may not be news to you, but pets are negatively affected by the same stresses that stress us! (Okay, maybe it's a demanding owner instead of a nagging boss!)

The Q-Link Pendant contains a copper coil that activates a resonating cell that picks up micro-currents and vibrates in resonance with your heart. The Q-Link picks up healthy rhythms and resonates in corresponding frequencies, providing sympathetic energy to your body. That translates into increased awareness, calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, and vitality. These results from Q-Link wearers have been proven:

  • More energy and stamina
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Enhanced mental and physical performance
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobiles, computers, air travel
  • Increased blood oxygenation
  • Improved exercise recovery rates

Many pets have been adorned with the human Q-Links, especially horses, and owners have reported almost miraculous responses... better behavior, calmer, less startled by environmental sounds, better performance in competition (horses)... some even report a general slow down of the aging process.

After seeing positive results in its own animal testing, Q-Links has come out with a special Q-Link Pet Pendant, with a lighter weight case that's compact (1" x 1"), hypo-allergenic, and waterproof --ideal for animals of all sizes. The Pet Pendant also incorporates Q-Links' newest technology (SRT 3), as do the new Q-Links for humans.

Q-Links and Q-Links Pet Pendants with SRT-3 are available at Nature's Pet .

There is also a special Equine Q-Link available at QLink-Online

For research information on Q-Links, please click here. .


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