The tradition of carving gourds, squashes, and other vegetables has been
around for hundreds of years. The most common use of these carvings has
been centered around the pagan celebration of Samhain, or what has
become Halloween. While scary faces have long been the tradition, in
more recent years the carving has been growing into more of an art form
-- including carving patterns for your favorite cat or dog breeds.

American Short-Hair Cat PumpkinAmerican Short-Hair Cat Pumpkin

Better Homes and Gardens is offering free patterns to help you carve cats, dogs, and even a few mice. 

You can choose from the standard American Short-Hair, Oriental, Siamese, Bengal and other cat breeds to represent your precious puss. In case you aren't aware, American Short-Hair is the breed of most of your standard alley cat -- which is what most of us have.

Bengal Cat PumpkinBengal Cat Pumpkin

A total of 16 cat breeds are represented with pumpkin patterns. If you go to the end of the cat files you will also find a selection of cute mouse patterns to go with you cat.

Dachshund PumpkinDachshund Pumpkin

With the dogs you have 24 breeds to choose from, from Labradors to Chihuahuas. You can certainly find the right cute canine for you among them all.

Pug PumpkinPug Pumpkin

To get patterns for your favorite cats, click here. To get patterns for your favorite dogs, click here